WHAT CAN I EXPECT FROM A Music Together® CLASS? Our classes provide an immersion into a rich musical environment that integrates a variety of musical styles, melodies and rhythms. Each term, every family enrolled in our classes receives 2 CD’s and a songbook. We use this music in our classes.

WHAT KINDS OF ACTIVITIES DO WE DO IN CLASS? Our activities include singing, creative movement, instrument play, chants and some musical play with some props. All are tailored for the musical community as a whole both in class and at home.

WHAT SHOULD I EXPECT OF MY CHILD? Walking and talking are basic life skills that are acquired over time. So are singing and dancing. In class children respond to our live music making individually. Many prefer to sit and observe the activities in class. Some like to spontaneously sing and move in place or around the space. Some are visual learners who watch and replicate what the adults are doing. Whether or not a child is moving or sitting and observing, she is assimilating musical information. Some will do nothing in class and then go home and repeat songs that were done in class on a given day. Most children become acclimated to the class routine, their classmates and our music midway through the term. You may well see a change in your child’s musical behavior halfway through the term.

WHAT SHOULD I EXPECT OF MYSELF? We know that children learn most easily from their parents and caregivers. With that in mind, we encourage you to join in the activities so that we, as adults can create the live musical model to which the children may respond. The more you participate in the class activities, and have fun doing so, the more the children receive the joy of music making as a completely natural part of life, and the more we form a small but rich music making community.

WHAT IF I CAN'T SING AND WHAT IF I HAVE NO RHYTHM? Sometimes a parent is concerned that they have no musical ability and that their lack of music making experience can harm their child’s musical endeavors. Research has shown that a child is born with their own musical intelligence and the only way it can be harmed is if it isn’t used. By listening to the CD’s at home and in your car, by bringing your child to class, you are providing her with a complete musical experience and all the tools she needs to find her way to her own innate musicality.

WHY MIXED AGES BIRTH TO FIVE? Mixed-age classes provide a rich learning center where children can interact with each other and learn from one another as they do so. Babies are often fascinated by the older children and “big” children (3 and 4 year olds) enjoy observing, helping and sharing with the “little” ones. Music Together pioneered the development of the mixed-age approach in early childhood music in the 1980’s. Our goal is to create a musically rich, developmentally appropriate environment for the whole family.

WHAT SHOULD WE WEAR? Our classes are offered in an informal structure; on mats on the floor. Both child and parent should wear comfortable clothing that will allow easy movement about the space.

HOW DO I ENROLL MY CHILD? Please refer to our classes page for the current class schedule and more information about classes. We offer 4 terms, one each season, per year. For registration please click on REGISTER. Thank you!