Each of our teachers has successfully completed the training offered by Music Together® LLC and has a fundamental understanding of the Music Together approach to early childhood tonal and rhythmic development. Our teachers lead the class activities, and guide parents and caregivers through the rediscovery of the joy and educational value of informal music making with young children and their families.


First offered in 1987, Music Together pioneered the concept of a research-based, developmentally appropriate early childhood music curriculum that strongly emphasizes adult participation. Children learn most easily from their parents and primary caregivers. The basics of music can be most easily absorbed in a child’s earliest years. A child’s work is a child’s play and a child’s play is a child’s work….play is an integral part of our music making together.


It is thrilling to teach young children and adults when it matters most!


Teachers at Catskill Mountain Music Together are:

photo Celeste Widom

Celeste holds a Bachelor of Science in Music Performance with a minor in psychology from SUNY New Paltz. Her interest in Music Therapy and teaching music lessons has naturally led her to the Music Together family, completing her training in December of 2017.

photo Miranda Haydn

Miranda holds a BA in Liberal Arts from The New School for Social Research in New York City and Music Together Certification Level II. She first taught the MT program in NYC from 2000 - 2004. In 2004 Miranda moved to the Hudson Valley and continued teaching here before forming Catskill Mountain Music Together in April of 2006. CMMT continues to serve families in Kingston, Red Hook, and Saugerties.

photo Andrea Lubrano

Andrea Lubrano is a Chef and Nutritional Therapist in training. She
holds an MA in Gastronomy from Boston University and a BA in
International Affairs from The George Washington University. Andrea,
being of Venezuelan descent and an avid singer and dancer, fell in
love with Canta y Baila through the eyes of her daughter Alma, who at
just 9 months showed profound engagement with the rhythms and sounds
of the program. Andrea knew she needed to get involved!

photo Rosa Haydee Sanchez

Rosa Haydee Sanchez is a Venezuelan journalist, graduate of La
Universidad Central de Venezuela. She has lived between Venezuela and
NY the past 30 years and has been involved in sharing Spanish language
& culture through teaching in public schools and private tutoring.
Recently, she moved to the Hudson Valley to be with her daughter and
growing family and discovered, thanks to her granddaughter Alma, the
magic of Canta y Baila; yet another wonderful way to share and promote
Latin Culture.

photo Andrea and Rosa

Meet our mother and daughter team.  Andrea and Rosa brought their child/grandchild to Canta y Baila last fall and decided they wanted very much to be part of the program.  Happily for us, creator of Canta y Baila Conmigo®, Maddie Welch, understood their enthusiasm, and despite the actual canceled training, has taken them under her wing to train them online while we are social distancing.  Click here for more details about De Colores and the wonderful new online "The Playground".   Canta y Baila Conmigo